Mark W. McGinnis eBooks premiere with “Issa 108”

With the now beautiful color available with the iPad and the Color Nook I have decided to make a series of my books available via eBooks.

For a modest price interested people will have access to large variety of the images I have made over the past several decades.

The first in this series is Issa 108. This book with excellent full color imagery is available from iBooks or Barnes & Noble at the price of $8.99.

108 Haiku by Kobayashi Issa

108 Paintings by Mark W. McGinnis

From the introduction by David G. Lanoue:

Who is the Issa that Issa presents in his writing? He’s a discoverer of the universe, gratefully attending to the small daily miracles that too many of us, in our rush to be somewhere else, miss. He lives in the here and now with heart and hands open to receive the Buddha’s gifts. He shows us a way to live:

to my open palms

snowflakes flitting


If you should purchase and enjoy the book please be so kind as to write a review on iBooks and Barnes & Noble — thank you

Two New Demonstrations Added to 2011 Black Hills Class

There will be two new demonstrations as part of the the
2011 Black Hills Watercolor Sketching Class. The first will be a Black
Ink painting demonstration using the age-old techniques of hand-ground
ink, rice paper, and fine handmade brushes. The second will be quick
sketching on the ipad — the very new technique and technology of image
making adapted to plein air work.

If you will be taking the class please drop me an email and let me know so I can plan accordingly — thanks — mark


in THE BLACK HILLS of SD with Mark W. McGinnis*
students will be accepted on beginning
to advanced levels (advanced students may also sketch in media other
than watercolor – pastels, charcoal, graphite, mixed media, etc.)

Class Fee — $250.00

– contact Mark McGinnis or 208-921-7189 for registration &
fee payment

– minimal materials needed, a list will be given upon enrollment

– students will arrange
their own lodging (camp, motel, friends, etc.) discount rooms available at Rocket Motel in Custer (cleanest rooms anywhere is
their motto)-605-673-4401 – – mention the class

– all travel by private cars (car pool as much as possible)– daily demonstrations –
individual instruction throughout the day and group discussions will take place
on location at the end of each day

– optional group dinners
and  evenings on your own

June 20-24, 2011 (tentative schedule)

Monday, June 20 –1:00pm orientation
– gather at the Rocket Motel, 211 Mount Rushmore Road, Custer SD — 1:30pm
carpool to Legion Lake in Custer State Park
for demonstration and sketching

Tuesday – June 21 – All day sketching at Horse Thief Lake and Black Elk Wilderness Trail

Wednesday – June 22 – All day sketching in Spearfish Canyon

Thursday – June 23 – All day sketching in French Creek Area

Friday – June 24 – 8:30am – noon – sketching at Peter Norbeck Scenic Overlook

*Mark McGinnis was a professor of art for 30 years at Northern State University, has had over 120 exhibitions
nationwide, and published five books.

Essay of the Month: Significance/Insignificance

from the Issa project, 8" X 8" 2008, Mark W. McGinnis

What is significant? What is not significant? As with beauty this seems to be a subjective area of inquiry, but subjective or not, it certainly deserves consideration as what we perceive as important in our lives shapes how we live our lives.

Certainly the universe(s?) is significant. It is what is and all that is. Human beings have long thought of themselves as significant and many have thought of themselves as of the utmost significance. While the concept of the earth as the center of the universe has been gone for some centuries, the concept of the individual human being as the center of the universe is still
very much alive. To some extent this is understandable. We know the universeonly though ourselves – it is the only way we can know it.

Therefore to place ourselves at the center and to put primary importance on ourselves is a natural
thing to do. But natural though it may be, with what limited understanding as
we now have of what the universe is, we can now see that we are less than an
atom in the overall picture of the cosmos. This seeming extreme insignificance
can lead to distress in many. How could something as significant to us as
ourselves be so apparently meaningless in the big picture? While so troubling
at first, this same understanding can be equally liberating. What we have been
placing such supreme importance in can now be placed in proper perspective. Our
every thought and action is not of great consequence. Our lives need not cause
us great worry and stress as the truth is that we are not that significant.
That may seem a rather harsh sentiment, but I feel it is actually a kind one.
If we can truly understand the meaning of our place in the universe we can be
at peace with it. We can let life flow rather trying to shape it into something
that we feel fits our great importance. We can enjoy life rather than
attempting to manipulate it.

An argument that can follow this reasoning is that if we are
so insignificant, then what does anything matter? Why should we strive, care,
create, love, and so on? Living with a realistic sense of humility does not
diminish need to live a good and fulfilling life. To enjoy life ourselves and to
attempt to make life more enjoyable and sustainable for all is a completely
rational way to exist. Just because we and our planet is tiny piece in the
cosmos does not mean we are inconsequential. Because we only have a very brief
time, in cosmic terms, does not mean that that time should not be used well.

While we may be insignificant in size and life-span, we are
made of the very same stuff as the rest of the universe. What we are has been
countless other aspects of the universe and will be countless more. We are part
of the unfolding of the universe – we are immortal and ever becoming. What we
do is not inconsequential in the cosmic sense either. It has been said that a
butterfly flapping its wings in San Francisco can impact the weather patterns
in China. While this seems absurd, in the reality of how matter interacts it is
a statement of fact. This comes back to the how little we can sense of what is
truly happening in our world and universe. Can the way I lead my life impact
the Andromeda galaxy? I don’t know, but I do know enough to say that it may be

Who is more significant: a politician who finally brings
universal health care to the United States, a poet who brings insight and
beauty into this world, or a housewife who helps an elderly neighbor? The
politician may have improved the health of tens of millions of people. The poet
may have brought joy and understanding to thousands. The housewife improved the
quality of life for her neighbor. For that neighbor the housewife was
undoubtedly the most significant. That kind of significance is not subjective –
it is real. There are endless ways of being significant in our lives the only criteria
are that we reach beyond ourselves to others and to the universe.

image and text copyright 2011 Mark W. McGinnis